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Android app training

Android Training is an Absolute Necessity For Mobile and Game Development

Androids are being adopted by many companies and business personnel to build up their app and thus a career in this field can be quite a good one and for that, you need proper training. Exproacademy is here to provide you with the best Android training in Kolkata. You will acquire a deep knowledge of design and programming once you enrol yourself in these courses.  Android development is a vast arena and you need to get a grasp on every aspect of it to become an established as one.

Mobile app Training in Kolkata

Android Training Will Help You Master the Skills for Mobile and Game Development

There are some skills that will be tested by the employers before they hire you in their company and these skills will be taught to you during your Android training in Kolkata. These skills have been listed below for your better understanding.

  • Java Coding
  • XML
  • Android SDK
  • Material Design


Explain These Topics in Details:

Java Coding: The main support system for Android development is Java and without being a pro in Java, you can never be an Android developer. So, if you are enrolling for mobile app training in Kolkata you will get a greater insight into the details of Java coding. And once you have completed your training, your knowledge will know no bounds about android training in Kolkata.

XML: XML is another important aspect of your training. With XML knowledge, you will be able to create layouts for your programs and apps. After you have made the basic layout with XML, you can use your knowledge of Java to modify it.

Android SDK: Well, SDK stands for Software Development Kit and the first thing that usually comes to everyone’s mind is that the kit contains some tools that will magically help you out in Android development. But this kit is a type of Java code that will help you access things like accelerometer and camera.

Material Design: This is a must. Google has recently drawn out some layouts for their products. And these layouts are called Material Design. If you are to become a prominent Android Developer, you need to have good knowledge about all these things.

Android training in kolkata

An Android Developer needs to master all these skills and much more and everything will be taught to you in the Android training in Kolkata. Mobile and game development needs Android training and it is one of the building blocks of the industry.

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