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Why Structured Data is Important | How to Implement It

Structured data is an HTML mark up that comes as a code. It refers to a listing of organized information about an organization in a website. The examples of a structured data in a website are- name, address, phone number, working hours, events, services, products, ratings, reviews etc relating to a particular organization. In short, the structured data of a website helps the search engine to understand the content of the website. This further helps the users to understand more about the organization even before visiting it.

By adding structured data in our website, we are able to showcase a rich snippet, for example
The additional lines of text as highlighted in red below:


Importance of Structured data

Structured data plays an important role in improving the visibility of a website and further helps in marketing and promotion of that particular organization the website is all about. Following points will help to understand the importance of structured data in helping to increase the visibility of a website among end users and in the promotion and marketing of the same website.

  1. Understanding of Content

Owing to the listing of information in an organized way, structured data helps the search engine to understand the content of a website, which further improves its ranking on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

  1. Highlighting data

The more structured data about an organization is provided on a website, the more any search engine will highlight them in SERP which will help in improving their visibility among end users.

  1. Chances of Better CTR

The more visibility a website gets owing to structured data, the more will be their chance of having a higher Click-Through Rate or CTR (the number of visitors clicking to a website after noticing their ads).

  1. Helps in a higher ranking for the Answer Box

Answer Box is one of the features of SERP that appear above organic results and tries to answer a question. Structured Data helps in ranking for answer boxes which further helps in attracting more traffic leading to visitor conversions.


  1. Helps in becoming the answer for voice search queries

Voice Search Queries are becoming popular to search for any topic. The higher ranking a website gets on answer box queries, the higher is the chance they will be ranking above other websites as a result of a voice query.

  1. Helps appear in Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a feature that helps web pages load faster. The users prefer such pages while searching for their required topic. Structured Data helps any website to get more visibility in AMP which helps in further marketing and promotion of that website.


  1. Helps in customizing pay per click (PPC) ads

Many website owners use PPC advertising (also known as search engine marketing) to increase the visibility of their websites. Structured data helps in customizing PPC ads for a website.

  1. Automating ads

Keywords used in structured data helps in the creation of relevant ads for a particular website which increase their visibility among end users.

How to Use Structured Data


Understanding the importance of structured data will not help in the promotion and marketing of an organization if they are not being used correctly. Search Engines cannot separate information from a string of characters or numbers. This is the reason why structured data should be added to the website in a specific format. Structured Data mark up is a format that helps search engines to understand the content of a website.

A series of different formats are used to mark up structured data like, Microdata, RDFa, Microformats etc. However, to convey some basic information to a website (be it human or machine language), the two factors of prime importance are vocabulary and grammar. Following are the points that will help to understand the formatting of a structured data and how to use them.

  1. Schema (developed by search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo) provides information about how a search engine understands the content of a website to provide the users with best search result options.


  1. Microdata

Microdata, a WHATWG HTML specification is used to store metadata within existing content of a webpage. Search Engines and web browsers extract microdata from a webpage to present them to the end users during browsing.

  1. RDFa

RDFa adds extensions to HTML for embedding metadata within websites. Search engines use this mark up to generate better SERP thereby improving the visibility of the websites to the end users.


Structured Data plays an important role in improving the visibility of a webpage among end users which help the organization to decide on the marketing and promotion strategy. By following a correct format (understandable to the search engines) of structured data, any web page can derive the desired result for the organization. Without the use of the correct format, the structured data will lose its value.


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